Search engine Optimization after the penguin and panda update seems scary for most webmasters. It is quite true that SEO becomes hard but still it is not dead. We still can gain rankings and generate leads with our SEO efforts. There are a handful of easy and simple SEO tips that everyone should adopt in the year 2014.

1. The first and foremost thing that you should remember is to optimize your site for people and not for search engines. That's what Google wants now. Google wants to give good experience to users and if someone really enjoys your site, they will come back again and also share your content with their friends. That's what Google really wants these days.

2. Quality content as before still the king even after penguin and panda updates. This might take bit of time to write and research quality content, but this is something that can give you results in search engines. Quality content provides good experience to users and they would engage with your site.

3. All the on-page factors such as Meta data, URL structure, internal link structure should properly inserted to your website. Make your Meta title sweet and short up to 70 characters and the description of no more than 160 characters.

4. Guest blogging is one of the off-page activities that you should consider a lot this year. This is a great way to earn a high quality link on a content-enriched page.

5. Collect some free SEO tools available to analyze the performance of your site such as Google analytics, Google webmaster tools, Moz analytics and Majestic SEO.

6. Employ the potential of best WordPress plugins available. They will not only make postings easier but also make SEO easier with the variety of SEO plugins available.

7. Don't forget article, press release, social bookmarking and directory submissions. Submissions on high quality sites with different content can still provide you good results in search engines.
8. Social media after the penguin and panda updates do have great relevance in SEO. Make sure that you have social sharing buttons on your web pages. You should also have social accounts on different social networking sites. Keep posting on your social accounts as well as on your blog. Social signals are becoming very powerful in SEO these days.

Follow the SEO tips mentioned above in the article if you want to maintain the rankings higher in the search engines in the year 2014.

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